Resistance Tube Light ZIVA ZFT-SBRT-0459-BKGY

Resistance Tube Performance Light ZIVA ZFT-SBRT-0459-BKGY


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Ziva Performance Resistance Tube With Safety Sleeve Light

To train and build muscle, you must work against resistance; that doesn’t necessarily mean training with heavy, hard to transport weights. ZIVA Resistance Tubes with Safety Sleeves provide ultra-portable, lightweight, compact, progressive resistance that simulates different weights at different points along its high-durability, high-elasticity band. Just grab hold of the comfortable, non-slip, antibacterial rubber grips, and place a foot down on the nylon safety sleeve that protects the elastic resistance tubing underneath. The closer your foot is to the handle, the greater the resistance and muscle-building stimulus. With this boundlessly versatile functional fitness tool, and just your body and the furniture around you for anchors, users can work arms, legs, back, chest, and shoulders, as well as core and glutes quickly, easily, and wherever they want.


Comes in Light Resistance Level
Ultra-Portable, Lightweight, and Compact for Anywhere Workouts
High-Durability Progressive Resistance Tubing Covered in a Protective Nylon Safety Sleeve
Non-Slip, Antibacterial Natural Rubber Grips




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