MG Adjustable Bench MATRIX MG-A82

MG Adjustable Bench MATRIX MG-A82


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Matrix MG Adjustable Bench MG-A82

The Magnum Multi-adjustable Bench is designed for maximum flexibility and comfort. The low 46 cm / 17.8″ floor – to – bench height minimizes lower back stress and prevents arching. The bench allows for eight levels of angle adjustment to maximize exercise variety (0– 75 degrees). The seat and back pad move in unison, minimizing adjustments and providing the perfect seat – to – pad angle at each setting. A design featuring less than 2.5 cm / 1″ of space between seat and back pad enhances comfort. The back pad offers increased width at the shoulders to provide added stability during lifts. Additionally, the back pad is bolted to the frame’s center to enhance support and stability while preventing pad flex. It includes bolted – on end caps with frame covers to protect against wear and tear, plus transport wheels and an ergonomic handle for easy portability. Rated for a maximum user weight of 185.75 kg / 350 lbs. and a maximum training weight of 272 kg / 600 lbs.

Tech Specs
OVERALL DIMENSIONS (L X W X H): 152 x 78 x 46 cm / 59.7” x 30.6” x 17.8”
PRODUCT WEIGHT: 55 kg / 121.5 lbs
MAX USER WEIGHT: 159 kg / 350 lbs
MAX TRAINING WEIGHT: 272 kg / 600 lbs.

Synchronized Pad Movement
The seat and back pad move in unison, minimizing adjustments and providing the perfect seat-to-pad angle at each setting.

Minimal Pad Gap
With less than 2.5 cm / 1″ of space between the seat and back pad, comfort is guaranteed.

Tapered Back Pad
Increased width at the shoulders provides added stability during lifts.

Transport Wheels & Angled Movement Handle
The transport wheels and ergonomic front handle make it easy to move the bench around a facility.

Back Pad Mounting Tabs
A back pad bolted off the frame’s center provides wider support, increases stability during use and prevents future pad flex.

Frame Guards
Bolted-on end caps with durable frame covers prevent frame damage.

Warranty: Three Years
Free Delivery! Installation is included.