Welcome to Baraka Fitness and Sports (“The Site”), wholly owned and operated by Al Baraka Exhibition. This Terms and Conditions Document (“Agreement”) dictates the legally binding terms and conditions of use between you (“The User”) and The Site (including online subsidiaries of The Site such as Apps and social media).

In case of any doubts, do get in touch with use at the details provided in the Contact Us section.

We are an online store

Baraka Fitness and Sports is not a brick and mortar store. It only exists online as a convenient method for our clients to purchase various gym equipment, spots equipment, sports apparel etc.

The Site does not produce or manufacture any of the products listed on the website. We only provide a platform for the clients to choose and order from a variety of fitness apparels and products produced and hosted by independent manufacturers (“Vendors”) on our website. The Vendors are expected to comply with the laws applicable in the country.

The Site does not independently verify the quality of the products hosted or the credibility of the Vendors. The Site does not guarantee the quality or the credibility of the products hosted on our website. The images provided are solely for representational purposes only. The Users are expected to verify the quality and credibility of the vendors via external channels and make a sound decision on their own.

All deliveries are the sole responsibility of the Vendors alone, even when third party companies are hired for delivery purposes on behalf of the Vendors. The Site does not guarantee delivery times specified by The Vendor in any way or form.

Order Processing & Delivery

In order for the order to be dispatched, The User will have to add their required products and apparels to the cart, and click on “Check Out”. This will transfer The User to the online payment portal to initiate payment. Once the payment has been processed, The Site will send you a message regarding the order confirmation.

The vendors are solely responsible for the delivery of the products you have ordered to the address provide by you. The vendor shall take no responsibility in case of wrong address, and it is advised that you check the address before finalizing your order. Extra charges may be levied if an attempt at delivery is made, but the recipient wasn’t available to collect.

Order Cancellation & Product Return

The Site has the right to cancel any order due to discrepancies at any given time. This will be notified to the users.

The Vendor has the right to cancel any order due to discrepancies at any given time. The Site will not be responsible for The Vendor cancelling the orders. We will do our best to notify you of any cancellation as soon as possible.

The site takes no responsibilities regarding disputes that may arise between the Vendor and The User with regards to product returns.

Refund Policy

In case of product return, we will do our best to rectify the problems and we reserve the right to issue full or partial refunds through store credit. Cash refunds are highly unlikely, and the customers shall make themselves aware of this before ordering.

All our product refund, return, shipping and delivery are compliant with the Bahrain Laws, and we offer product tracing facility, where you can check your product status during its transit from the Vendor to your place.

User Information Security

We offer an effective data security to protect the private information that The User provides in order to complete the transaction. This data includes username, password, banking/ credit card details and shipment address.

Content, Material & Licencing

We own the legal intellectual property over the site, which includes the content, images and other information hosted on this domain.